平成20年度  論文リスト

  1. Technical issues of reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steels for  fabrication of ITER test blanket modules Kimura、A.    Fusion Engineering and Design 83(2008)1471-1476

  2. Super ODS steels R&D for cladding of highly efficient nuclear plants Kimura、A. Societe Francaise d‘Energie Nucleaire-International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants-ICAPP 2007、 “The Nuclear Renaissance at Work” 4(2008)2148−2154

  3. Role of air microbes on atmospheric corrosion S.Maruthamuthu, CURRENT SCIENCE 94(3)(2008)359-363

  4. Change in hydrogen absorption characteristic of SrCe0. 95Yb0.0503-δby electron beam modification B.Tsuchiya、 Solid State Ionics 179(2008)909-912

  5. A Water Splitting Model of Coulomb Interactions of Its Dipole with Surface Defects of Hydrogen Implanted Perovskite Oxide B.Tsuchiya、 Solid State Ionics 179(2008)1128-1132

  6. Protonic Conduction Processes of Gamma-Ray Irradiated perfluorosulfonic Acid Membranes B.Tsuchiya、 Solid State Ionics 179(2008)793-796

  7. Effects of Ion Beam Surface Modification on Proton Conductivity of  BaCe0.9Y0.103-δ B.Tsuchiya、 Solid State Ionice 179(2008)1182-1186

  8. Isotope Effects in Thermal Neutron Transmission and backscattering  Processes for ・-phase Zirconium Hydrides and Deuterides B.Tsuchiya、 J.Nucl.Mater. 376(2008)60-65

  9. Electronic Structure of the Bulk of Titanium Hydrides Fractured in  Ultrahigh Vacuum by XPS Surface Analysis B.Tsuchiya、 Journal of Surface Analysis Vol. 14、 No.4(2008)424-427

  10. Irradiation of hydride fuels in JMTR B.Tsuchiya、 The Nuclear Renaissance at Work. 4(2008)2539-2545

  11. Heat Capacity Measurement and DSC Study of Hafnium Hydrides B.Tsuchiya、 J.Therm.Anal.Calorim. 92(2008)403-4065.

  12. Identification of ultra-fine Ti-rich precipitates in V-Cr-Ti alloys irradiated below 300℃ by using positron CDB technique K.Fukumoto、 Journal of Nuclear Materials 373, 2008, pp.289-294

  13. Development of irradiation capsules in liquid environment in Joyo and their application to irradiation creep measurement of vanadium alloys K.Fukumoto、 Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 45, 2008, pp.171-178

  14. Irradiation Greep Behavior of Vanadium Alloys during Neutron Irradiation in a Liquid Metal Environment K.Fukumoto Plasma and Fusion Research 3, 2008, 017 pp.1-7

  15. ナトリウム雰囲気下クリープ変形によるバナジウム合金中の析出挙動 福元 謙一 まてりあ 47巻、 12号、2008 P611-P611

  16. Precipitation of Solid Transmutation Elements in Irradiated Tungsten Alloys A.Hasegawa、 Mater.Trans. 49, 10(2008)2259-2264

  17. Formation of Cu precipitates and vacancy clustes in neutron-irradiated Fe-Cu alloys T.Yoshiie、 Phil. Mag. Let. 88(2008)353-362.

  18. 長寿命放射性ヨウ素の回収と核変換用焼結体の作製 矢野 豊彦 無機マテリアル 15, 71-78(2008)

  19. Recovery of Neutron-Induced Damage of SiC by Thermal up to 1400℃ T.Yano、 Progress in Nuclear Energy、 50 [2-6] 601-605 (March、2008)

  20. Effects of ion irradiation on the hardness properties of graphites and C/C composites by indentation tests Y.Kurumada、 J. of Nuclear Materials 381(2008) 92-97

  21. Volume dependence of the magnetic coupling in LaFe13-xSix based compounds、 L.Jia、 Appl. Phys. Lett. 92(2008)101904 1-3

  22. Effect of pre-deformation on the precipitation process and magnetic properties of Fe-Cu model alloys Y.Kamada、 J. Mater. Sci 44(2009) 949-953

  23. Copper precipitation process of thermally aged Fe-Cu alloys evaluated by EMAR method  Y.Kamada、 Proc. Of Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics 29(2008)49-50

  24. YAGレーザー溶射されたV-4Cr-4Ti 合金の照射組織に及ぼす溶接後熱処理の効果 渡辺 英雄 Journal of plasma and Fusion Researc 84,1 (2008)、 46-50

  25. 高エネルギー粒子照射下の照射損傷組織形成 渡辺 英雄 Journal of plasma and Fusion Research 84,6 (2008)、383-394

  26. HVEM照射による軽水炉圧力容器鋼の欠陥挙動解析 渡辺 英雄 まてりあ  47,12(2008)

  27. イオン照射した低放射性V-4Cr-4Ti合金の表面近傍での微細チタン酸化物の形成 渡辺 英雄 まてりあ 47, 12(2008)

  28. タングステンにおける低エネルギーヘリウムイオン照射損傷 渡辺 英雄 まてりあ 47, 12(2008)

  29. ミクロスケールのプラズマ・壁相互作用 渡辺 英雄 Journal of plasma and Fusion Research 47, 12(2008) 929-936

  30. Size-Dependent Momentum Smearing Effect of Positron Annihilation Radiation in Embedded Nano Cu Clusters K.Inoue J. Phys. : Condens. Matter 30(2008) 445203-1〜5

  31. Three dimensional characterization of dopant distribution in polycrystalline silicon by atom probe microscopy K.Inoue Appl. Phys. Lett.  93(2008) 133507-1〜3

  32. 陽電子量子ドット閉じ込めを利用したFe中Cuナノ析出物の寸法評価法の開発 井上 耕治 鉄と鋼  95, 2(2009) 118-123

  33. ひずみ付与下でイオン照射したSUS316Lステンレス鋼の腐食特性 塚田 隆 第3回 高崎量子応用研究シンポジウム  2008年10月 高崎シティギャラリー

  34. Development of ultra-fine grained W-(0.25-0.8) wt%TiC and its superior resistance to neutron and 3MeV He-ion irradiations H.Kurishita J. Nucl. Mater  377(2008)34-40

  35. Deformability enhancement in ultra-fine grained、 Ar-contained W compacts by TiC additions up to 1.1% H.Kurishita Mater. Sci. Eng.  A492(2008) 475-480

  36. “Heavy Fermion Superconductivity with the Strong Pauli Paramagnetic  Effect on NpPd5Al2” Y.Haga、 J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 77 Suppl. A (2008) 159

  37. “27Al NMR Evidence for the Strong-Coupling d-Wave Superconductivity in NpPd5 Al2” Y.Haga、 J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 77 (2008) 083702-1-4

  38. “Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of the new Ternary Actinide Compounds AnPd5Al2 (Au=U、 Np)” Y.Haga、 J. Alloys. Compds.  464(2008) 47-50.

  39. “31P-NMR Study of the Neptunium- Based Filled-Skutterudite NpFe4Pl2” J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.  77 Suppl. A(2008) 211-213. Y.Haga、 J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 77 Suppl. A (2008) 211-213.

  40. “Pressure Effect on Ferromagnet UTeS” Y.Haga、 J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.  77 Suppl. A (2008) 359-361.

  41. “Pressure Effect on Paramagnet β-US2” Y.Haga、 Physica B:Condensed Matter  403 (2008) 893-894

  42. 高度解析技術が原子力材料研究に与えたインパクト−最新技術がここまでわかってきた 永井 康介 日本原子力学会誌  50(10)(2008)630-634

  43. 原子炉圧力容器鋼中ナノ炭化物の三次元アトムプローブ観察 永井 康介 まてりあ  47 (2008) 610-610

  44. The Characterization of MgB2 Thin Film by Slow Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Y.Nagai、 Journal of the Korean Vacuum Society  17、 2 (2008)160-164

  45. Size-Dependent Momentum Smearing Effect of Positron Annihilation Radiation in Embedded Nano Cu Clusters Y.Nagai、 J. Phys. : Condens. Matter 20 (2008) 445203-1〜5

  46. Three dimensional characterization of dopant distribution in polycrystalline silicon  by atom probe microscopy Y.Nagai、 Appl. Phys. Lett.  93(2008)133507-1〜3

  47. Effects of neutron-irradiation-induced intergranular phosphorus segregation and hardening on embrittlement in reactor pressure vessel steels Y.Nagai、 Acta Mater.  56 (2008) 4510-4521

  48. The effect of nanocrystallization and free volume on the room temperature plasticity of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses Y.Nagai、 Acta Mater.  56(2008) 5329-5339

  49. Interlaboratory comparison of positron annihilation lifetime measurements for synthetic fused silica and polycarbonate Y.Nagai、 J. Appl. Phys.  104(2) (2008) 026102

  50. Age of Seychelles-India Break-up K.Nagao、 Earth and Planetary Science Letter  272 (2008) 264-277

  51. Volcanic and tectonic framework of the hydrothermal activity of the Izu-Bonin arc    K.Nagao、 Resource Geology  58 (2008) 206-219

  52. He-Ar and Nd-Sr isotopic compositions of late Pleistocene felsic plutonic back arc basin rocks from Ulleungdo volcanic island、 South Korea : implications for the genesis of young plutonic rocks in back arc basin K.Nagao、 Chemical Geology  253 (2008) 180-195

  53. Seamounts、 Knolls and petit spot monogenetic volcanoes on the subducting pacific plate K.Nagao、 Basin Research  20 (2008) 543-553

  54. Anomalous behavior of hardness and crystal structure in CeRh3B (x=0-1) phase. T.Yamamura、 J. Alloys Compd.  451 (2008) 301-304

  55. Magnetic ordering in (Th、U)Co2X2 (X=Ge、 Si) solutions.、 T.Yamamura、 J. Appl. Phys. 103 (2008) 07A916

  56. Re-entrant spin-glass behaviour in CeAu2Si2. T.Yamamura、 J. Alloys Compd.  451 (2008) 461-463.

  57. Ac susceptibility studies of the spin freezing behavior in U2CuSi3. T.Yamamura、 J. Appl。 Phys.   103 (2008) 07A916.

  58. Magnetic properties of the comopunds ThCo2Ge2 and ThCo2Si2. T.Yamamura、 J. Magn. Mater.  320 (2008) 2402-2405

  59. Magnetic properties of U2(Fe1-xNix)13.6Si3.4 single crystals. T.Yamamura、 J. Alloys Compd.  461 (2008) 6-8

  60. Magnetic properties of U2Co17-xSix single crystals. T.Yamamura、 J. Alloys Compd.  450 (2008) 51-57.

  61. Crystal structure、 magnetism and electrochemistry of diamide complexes of Europium(U)、 25th Rare Earth Research Conference (RERCO08)、 T.Yamamura、 The University of Alabama、 Tuscaloosa AL、  June 22-26、 2008、

  62. Studies on structure、 spectroscopy and magnetism of M(tmma) 4(BPh4)3 (M=Gd、 U)   Plutonium Futures : T.Yamamura、 he Science conference 2008、 Dijon、 France、 7-11, July, 2008

  63. Catalytic reduction of U(V) from U(W) by electrolysis in aprotic solution Plutonium Futures :  T.Yamamura、 The Science conference 2008、   Dijon、 France、 2008

  64. Magnetism and M?ssbauer Spectroscopy of Europium(U) β−diketone complexes、 25th Rare Earth Research Conference (RERCO08)、 The University of Alabama、 Tuscaloosa、 AL :  June 22-26、 2008,

  65. Uranium(X) complexes with 5fl configuration and their functional chemistry、 Plutonium Futures : The Science conference 2008、 The University of Alabama、 Tuscaloosa、 AL   June 22-26、 2008、

  66. Magnetic Properties of Ce2CuSi3 and Nd2CuSi3 Single Crystals、  25th Rare Earth Research Conference (RERC08) T.Yamamura、 The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa AL、  June 22-26 2008

  67. Exothermic hydrogen production system in supercritical water from biomass and usual domestic wastes with an  exploitation of Ru02 catalyst、 T.Yamamura、 Prog. Nucl. Energy、  50 (2008) 438-442.

  68. Separation of Am(V) from Eu(V) by extraction based on in situ  extractant formation of dithiocarbamate derivatives I.Satoh、 Progress in Nuclear Energy  50 (2008) 499-503

  69. Separation of Am(V) from Eu(V) using an improved system of flow- counterbalanced capillary electrophoresis I.Satoh、 Chemistry Letters  37(1)(2008)48-49

  70. 核融合炉ブランケット構造材料開発〜低放射化フェライト鋼、 バナジウム合金、 炭化珪素複合材料〜 香山 晃、 まてりあ   第47巻 第9号 (2008) p.464-468

  71. ガス冷却炉用セラミック構造材料の開発、 香山 晃、 まてりあ   第47巻 第9号 (2008) p.455-458

  72. Development of advanced blanket performance under irradiation and system integration through JUPITER-U project、 A.Kohyama、 Fusion Engineering and Design  83 (7-9) (2008) pp.842-849


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